25th June, 2013. 

"The last time I saw Scott, we had a fight ... And now he's gone missing in Afghanistan ... "

Would you marry a member of the Armed Forces?

How would you feel after their first deployment? 

How would you cope if something ever happened to them?

We often hear about the feelings and emotions of those going out to serve, we often see their stories on the news and we've seen their words in films, in books and on the television. 

But what about their families? Their friends? How do they feel, and how do they cope? How would you cope?

This is Louise's story. These are her memories ...

Based on James D Lindsay's original story, adapted by Lindsey Davies and devised by the cast.

12th-25th August, 2013. 
4pm - 5pm
Venue 18, Apex International Hotel, Sweet Grassmarket.
Tickets £8

Proceeds go to charity.

31-35 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HS