Meet our cast ...

All our cast are co-creators in this production, devising the current performance out of the original script.


Mai is very excited to be performing in her first Edinburgh Fringe show. She hopes she will not collapse into a fit of giggles on the first night. She is also a writer and will use this terrifying and exciting experience to write the best play ever. Ever.


Paul, or "Captain Fantastic", as he's otherwise known is delighted to be returning to the fringe festival this year to be part of such a wonderful production. Smiley face. Kiss kiss kiss. Little scared face.


Kathryn couldn't think of anything clever to say ... so you can find her in the bar after the show with a vodka diet coke, should you wish to find out more about her. Remember ...No ice. No straw. No lemon.


Before Colin was an actor he served in H.M Forces (Scots Guards.) He is delighted to be part of the production. Colin has been cast in a new TV series which starts next year.


A nurse for 30 years in a previous life, Gerry went on to complete an HND in Acting and Performance in 2012. This is her first Edinburgh Fringe performance and having relatives who served in the forces in both war and peace time, she feels privileged to be involved in this charity production.